“I feel Align Mediation produced a first class mediation course which is totally relevant to both commercial and personal relations. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with people of widely different ages, background and employment. The course has wide appeal to anyone considering a change of career or enhancing their job prospects within their chosen field. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.”

Tom Bish (Solicitor)

“The 5 day course I attended in May 2014 worked really well. The small, tight knit group made the course very enjoyable and our trainer was fantastic, she had huge knowledge and was able to give us anecdotes of real life examples. The course was great value for money and we came away with a fully accredited qualification. I’m now getting good support from Align in finding real work and I’m looking forward to becoming a successful mediator in my own right. It’s very exciting.”

Julie Mitchell (Retired Solicitor)

“I found the Align mediation course very professional. The trainer was great, he made learning about the mediation process very interesting, interactive and enjoyable. It also helped to be surrounded by a great group of students and we all learnt from each other. I am now looking forward to continue in progressing my career change.”

Daniel Bianco (Charity Fundraiser)

“I chose Align Mediation to do the accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator Qualification as it offered great value for money at a convenient location. The 5 day course was taught by an experienced mediator who mixed lecture and practice opportunities and was fully interactive. The teaching was comprehensive and I was fully prepared for the assessment and for real life mediations. I would recommend anyone wishing to do the course to choose Align.”

Marcus Keppel-Palmer (University Law Lecturer) Bristol

“An excellent course with brilliant trainers! I thoroughly enjoyed the methodological approach employed and would highly recommend it. Most competitively priced of all, it is qualitatively the best and a great asset to my legal knowledge. Thanks to Align Mediation, I have not only become an accredited civil/commercial mediator but a better human being as well…”

Radhika Khanna (Law Graduate)

“I thought that the overall structure and organisation of the course was very professional and effective. There was a healthy mix of lectures and interactive sessions which made every day extremely enjoyable. The interactive sessions were particularly useful as they provided plenty of opportunities to practice our newly acquired skills.”

Dominik Morton (Law Student)

“Align’s Civil/Commercial mediation training course was very well structured and helped build & develop my skills. The course provided a fantastic space in which to learn and the tutor was enthusiastic, making me want to engage with the course even more. As a result of this course I am now a fully accredited civil/commercial mediator and this has provided me with many opportunities. I am now on the panel of mediators at Align Mediation, I have been able to join a variety of mediation panels for whom I can mediate for, and I have even been able to set up my own mediation company. All off this would not have been possible without Align Mediation. I would recommend this course to everyone as the skills I have learnt here are invaluable.”

Alexander Gummery (Law Student)

“I cannot recommend the Align Mediation training course highly enough. The content of the course was extremely informative and the trainer was outstanding. The venue was great and the whole atmosphere was conducive to learning. The price is certainly right too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to take their first steps in mediation.”

Lee Whitehead (Legal Costs Draftsman)

“I am now an accredited civil/commercial mediator thanks to the amazing course by Align Mediation. The week’s course encompassed a great mixture of pratical and theoretical sessions and was easy to comprehend and engage with. This is a great course for those wishing to progress in their careers or change their careers altogether.”

Mamta Kudhail (Company Secretary)

“When I first enrolled onto the distance learning course, I was a bit apprehensive about what the experience would be like. I can honestly say my reservations were unfounded. The course content was clear, concise and easily digestible at your own pace. The assessment process was geared to self-learning and the support from all at Align Mediation was first class. I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anybody.”

Malcolm Crapper (Consultant)

“I participated in the Distance Learning Civil / Commercial Mediation Training Programme. The distance learning option fitted in well with my other businesses and allowed me to progress through the work at a speed commensurate with my existing levels of experience. The Skype sessions were fun and fully interactive and I benefited from the individual feedback I received. The notes provided by Align Mediation included some ‘Top Tips’ to support those who are new to business generation and the course equates to 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).”

Chris Jones (Business Owner)

“I completed the distance learning course in December 2015. I found the manuals very informative and helpful and the Skype sessions with my tutor were interesting and taught me a lot about handling a mediation situation. My final exam was facing two experienced mediators which I enjoyed very much and was pleased to learn I had passed the course as a result.”

Dorothy Pulsford-Harris (Solicitor)

“I would highly recommend Align Mediation. The distance learning option provided a flexible approach to the training and the support provided from Harry as a mentor was second to none!”

Andrew Robinson (Chief Executive Officer)

“Informative, engaging and stimulating. There is a good balance of tuition and practical exercises and the course delivers the tools needed to conduct real life mediations with confidence.

Steve did an excellent job of delivering the course in a fun, relaxed and user-friendly way. Harry answered all our more practical questions about how to get into practice. The course is competitively priced, well-managed and in a good location with excellent facilities laid on.

The course introduces you to a wide range of interesting new people, all of whom you will know much better by the end! I am very glad I took this course as I have gained so much both personally and professionally by doing so and I would highly recommend Align to anyone looking to get into mediation.”

Laura Bailhache (Solicitor)

This challenging course in mediation was over 5 days and I learnt that no matter what the professional background of the person attending the course was, they had to start with an open mind to learn new skills. Very well taught with a very accessible tutor. Thank you.

Robina Moore (Safety and Security Advisor)

I undertook the Align Mediation 5 day training in February 2016. The course was really interesting, very well presented and a really enjoyable experience. I feel well trained and confident to mediate now. I thoroughly recommend this training and look forward to putting it into practice.

Angela Lamb (NHS Executive Director)

There’s more to mediation than meets the eye and Align Mediation will open your eyes. Align Mediation will teach you essential skills and techniques and help you to avoid pitfalls along the way. The course was presented in a friendly, informative and supportive manner by an excellent tutor. If you’re thinking of attending – go for it!

Michael Matthews (Barrister)

I have to say that your input throughout this process on the distance learning course has been brilliant. Great service, great feedback and always on hand to fit in the sessions at convenient times. I really do appreciate all of your assistance.

Stephen Pritchett (Barrister)

I chose Align Mediation to train as a Civil/Commercial mediator. The 5 days looked well structured, the course was competitively priced and was at a convenient location. The course, trainer and course provider were amazing. The training experienced was detailed, intense and sufficiently challenging on each day. The days progressed towards the final assessment on the 5th day and the structure and pace was quite demanding. The course was broad enough in the content and examples used appealed to a wide range of professionals. I have no hesitation in recommending this course as valuable and very worthwhile in all respects.

Gill Thomas (Headteacher)

The Align Civil/Commercial course in Oxford had the very desirable combination of good organisation in agreeable surroundings, highly interesting, challenging and relevant content and all given by a very knowledgeable and likeable instructor. The quality and enjoyment were greatly enhanced by the small, friendly and tightly knit class all doing their best to extract full measure and value from the process. Finally I found the subject surprisingly challenging and satisfying while providing much food for thought; a very good basis for entering the profession.

Bill Pulford (Computer Scientist)

Nigel Chapman Testimonials

I found the mediation course challenging and highly focused. The in-depth analysis and feedback of the practical exercises was exceptional. Thank you for the inspiring and confidence boosting start to this exciting new opportunity.

Nigel Chapman (Crown Prosecutor)


I have completed Align’s one week Civil/Commercial Mediation course in Oxford. I can highly recommend it. The trainer was fantastic and the size of the group (nine) was just the right number. The days had a perfect mix of lectures combined with role plays and breaks. The content of the course was very interesting and not only will it benefit me in my career as a mediator but also on a personal level too. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to do a course in Mediation to choose Align.

Faye Davis-Carrau (MET Police Officer)

I would highly recommend the 5 day Align Mediation training course. The teaching and content is excellent with a lot of practical exercises during the week to boost practical skills in addition to a vast amount of useful information about the mediation sector as a whole

Daniel Ivanov (Law Student)

Align Mediation’s 5 day training course was a positive and informative course. The trainer was experienced, exceptional and engaging. Thank you.

Kim Sutton (Community Worker & Advisor)

Align Mediation’s course which I attended in August 2016 was an excellent experience. It was highly informative and a real career changer for many in the group. We had great participants on the course and the tutor was highly professional and well experienced in his field which was a huge bonus to our confidence in electing to choose a career in mediation. I wish Align Mediation all the best in continuing to provide an excellent mediation course.

Raja Ali (Business Owner)

Are you thinking about becoming a Mediator? Align Mediation will offer you unparalleled, quality in depth training, support when you need it and a bright future for your career.

Donna Robinson (Public Speaker)

I would recommend Align Mediation if you are considering training to be a mediator. Their course content and delivery is excellent.

Nick Carr (Barrister)

I would like to say that the Mediation course I attended last week was most enjoyable. The course content was presented in a very professional fashion and I believe there was a good balance between lectures and practical exercises that kept it interesting. The course presenters were very knowledgeable and this made the learning experience more pleasurable.

Mark McNally (Solicitor)

I found the course very informative and interesting. The interactive mock mediations throughout the week gave me confidence for the final test mediation. It allowed me to identify any weaknesses as well as my strengths which l could build on.
I would recommend this training for those either just interested or planning a career in Mediation.

Sukhvinder Singh (Business Owner)


I sat the April 2017 course, it is well paced and informative with lots of hands on experience. The course is comprehensively delivered by highly professional and knowledgeable, trainers. I highly recommend this super value course

Chas Jordan (Contract Negotiator)


Thanks to Align’s course, we got a full picture of mediation and what it can achieve, and it
was done with good humour. We all left the course as friends and enthusiastic believers in mediation. A week well spent – thank you.

Daphne Thomas (Advisor)


Align Mediation offers a superb course in Mediation that is second to none. We attended the course for Civil and Commercial Mediation this Spring and were delighted with the course structure, content and with our trainer.  We had no concept of the many skills that were necessary to offer mediation and we are now (thanks to the informative course we attended), well on the path to becoming good mediators ourselves thanks to Align.

Charlotte Harverson (Advocacy Advisor)


This was a very enjoyable course, with lots of practical work to develop skills.  The presenter was very experienced and shared useful examples from real mediations with us.

Valerie Fawcett (Trainer and Coach)


I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking in-depth knowledge in mediation or planning a career in mediation. The course is well structured and the training venue was brilliant.

Kamal Vasisht (Retired Solicitor)


Great course. Well put together and well presented by Steve, our tutor. There was a good mix of classroom style learning and practical exercises which helped build our skills and confidence. A very positive experience overall.

Jayne Grove (CAB Advisor)


I really enjoyed this 5 day course. Steve was an excellent trainer who helped us to look at this course as not just passing the assessment, but giving us the key tools to apply and reflect on as we mediate. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering a career in mediation.

Sabrina Peart (Legal Advocate)


I had been looking for a training provider in Mediation for some time when I came across the Align website. I was originally considering the residential course but as I run a business this was not a suitable option for me and so I opted for the distance learning course. I found the course content to be of very high quality and the video sessions which are filmed from previous residential courses gave a feeling of greater involvement in the course.

I found the Training Manager Harry to be extremely professional and helpful throughout the assessment sessions and very supportive as I approached the final assessment.

I would thoroughly recommend Align Mediation as a training provider in Civil and Commercial Mediation

Rob Sinclair (Chartered Surveyor)


I found Align Mediation very helpful in training me as a mediator. The fact that they provided the option of distance learning with skype tutorials and assessments was of particular value to me to allow me to fit the training around my other work as a consultant to the legal industry.

Ingemar Hunnings (Business Consultant)


Whilst completing the Align Mediation distance learning course I was provided with a tutor (Harry) who was a good source of support and information. I found the course itself straight forward, informative and manageable. The videos that are provided as part of the course material bring the experience to life and reflected the course material well. I would highly recommend undertaking this distance learning course, and Align Mediation.

Robyn Elliot (Consultant Social Worker)


Great course, well organised. Steve Hancox, the trainer, was very experienced and clearly enjoyed providing training.  I’d recommend Align Mediation for those wanting to acquire or enhance mediation skills and techniques.

Peter Rylands (Legal Professional)


I embarked on the distance learning course and was so impressed with the efficiency of communication and the quality of the course material, both module notes and the videos provided. The personal tutor for the course supported me all the way through, and the face to face elements worked so well. The feedback given was constructive, honest and well informed. I feel genuinely enthused and trained to embark on mediations, and feel sure there will be on-going support from the Align Mediation team.

Gez Gould (Consultant Anaesthetist)


The Align Mediation 5 day course was perfect preparation for meaningful mediation work. The emphasis on practical application and role play helped me to feel confident to practice in any setting.

Jennifer Sayer (Consultant)


The mediation course with Align is professional and comprehensive. The trainers were very efficient and responsive. Highly recommended.

Mirza Unas Ali Baig (Law Student)


I had been trying to fit in a civil and commercial mediation course for some time, eventually settling on the Align Mediation course in Oxford.  Having successfully completed the week long course, in good company, I am extremely happy with that decision.  Steve is a highly credible trainer, who clearly knows his subject matter thoroughly and has the practical experience to back it up.  He put the course material across in a relaxed, student centred and easy to follow style, providing positive coaching through the hands-on role-play exercises, preparing us well for the final assessment. I can highly commend this course to anyone wishing to add civil and commercial mediation to their skill set.  Between them, Harry and Steve will ensure that you are provided with an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Olaf Baars (Senior Fire & Rescue Service Officer)


Lots of useful, practical advice given by our head trainer, Steve, who is clearly a very experienced practitioner. The case studies gave me a chance to really practice and build confidence over the course of the week and I came away feeling very positive about how to make use of the training in practice. It was also great to meet and work with a bunch of professional people from a wide variety of backgrounds on the course, who added extra interest and experience.

Simon Kirk (Civil Engineer)


The Align Mediation distance learning course was professionally presented, comprehensive and thorough with good interaction and support from the Align team, especially Harry, via Skype and email. The content, format and processes presented in the course were logical and developed my understanding and appreciation of the value of mediation whilst providing me with skills necessary for successful mediations. Successful completion of the course has motivated me to include mediation as part of my career in the business and charity sectors. I would definitely recommend the Align Mediation course.

James Lennox (Company Director and Charity Trustee)


Notwithstanding that it took place during the hottest week of the year, which could with less stimulating lecturers have encouraged sleep after lunch, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the practice mediation sessions with fellow students and learned a lot.

Michael King (Retired Solicitor)


A very well presented and stimulating course, embracing the theory and practical aspects of Mediation and great value for money.

Derek Reddin-Clancy (Chartered Surveyor and Arbitrator)


I completed my Mediation Training with Align Mediation through distance learning. This worked very well for me. I was sent all the teaching materials I needed and Harry was allocated as my online tutor.

The materials were easy to read and the DVD’s of the taught lessons from the residential course were really helpful. I was able to contact my tutor easily and tutorials and Module assessments were easy to arranged and carried out over Skype as was my final practical assessment.

I chose to complete the course over a week as I would have done if I had taken the residential option. I don’t feel I missed out in any way by gaining my accreditation in this way. I would thoroughly recommend Align Mediation to those interested in qualifying as a mediator.

Lisa Leppard (NHS Consultant)


I cannot recommend Harry and Steve at Align Mediation enough. They, and the service they offered, was of the highest order. The whole process was both professional and highly personable throughout, from initial conversations with Harry about which course was the most appropriate for my future career goals, through to the booking process and the subsequent help and support on completion.

The Align Mediation 5 Day Course was excellent. The course content, delivery, level of participant engagement and venue were simply top-notch. It provided a knowledgeable and rewarding insight into the world of mediation and has proved integral to preparing myself for a career in the field.

Kudos to Harry and his team, and I would recommend Align Mediation to anyone looking to become a qualified mediator.

Bill Andrews (Mediator)


“Role-play was the key element of this excellent mediation training by Align Mediation.  A mixture of classroom teaching, tutorial style discussion and continuous role-play were all key elements of the course and each played a part in the learning process.  But, with an emphasis on soft skills, it was the repetition of role-play that was central to the success of the programme in providing reinforcement of learning and the building of confidence.

Our trainer was, throughout the 5 day course, giving guidance and encouragement on what proved to be a very effective and practical course.  Interaction with the other delegates proved an essential element of the week with an exchange of views and ideas going far beyond the formal training process.”

Simon Sharpe, (Solicitor)


” I found the civil and commercial mediation course run by Align mediation to be a solid platform from which to progress my interest in becoming a mediator. The course was well structured and opened my eyes to several issues I had never previously considered. I would highly recommend the trainer who combined a broad range of knowledge with an easy ability to impart it to the course participants.” 

Philip Dillon (HR Consultant)


“The Civil and Commercial Mediation course from Align was excellent. Steve (the trainer) was experienced and knowledgeable and did a really good job of leading us through the skills required and the challenges of mediation. The emphasis on role play helped to embed the learning so that what felt daunting at the start of the week was much more natural by the end. Whilst the focus is on dispute resolution, the skills learned during the course have practical application to relationships in all areas of life, not just mediation.”

Sam East (Consulting Engineer)


“I thought the Align Mediation course was fantastic. I was able to do it remotely alongside my job, which was a real benefit. My trainer was very motivating and provided me with constructive feedback each session. This approach fitted excellently alongside the informative training manuals provided. I look forward to continue developing my skills as a mediator, as I strongly believe that out-of-court dispute resolution can be hugely beneficial to clients in many circumstances.”

Katherine Jensen (Trainee Solicitor)


“A few months ago, I decided to study the mediation process and become a certified mediator. After searching the internet, I chose Align Mediation as my provider. I am glad I made the right choice. Harry Thomas was my personal tutor and working with him was a pleasant experience – he was very helpful and completely on top of the teaching process. With regards to the training materials, I found them substantive and comprehensive. I am now a Certified Mediator. I strongly recommend this company to those interested in becoming one also.”

Joseph Sagati, (Business Owner)


“I never stopped learning from the moment the course started, to the final assessment. The course was both well-paced and well delivered by Steve, who shared his knowledge and experience with enthusiasm. I learnt a lot about myself as well as learning new skills. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the practice of conflict resolution. ”

Graham Mallinson (Retired School Teacher)


“I would like to say a massive thank you to Steve who delivered a first-class mediation course that captivated the group throughout the week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course which consisted of well-balanced and thought out theory and practical sessions that really helped me develop a wealth of skills, knowledge and confidence, allowing me to achieve a much better than expected result in my assessment on the final day. Harry was also very supportive throughout and provided me with detailed and informative feedback on my assessment, explaining what I had done well and where I could’ve improved. I would highly recommend Align Mediation’s course to anyone wanting to start out in mediation or even to those who would like to refresh their knowledge and further develop their skills.”

Angela Prout (Community Social Worker)


“The Align Mediation course replaced my fear with hope and confidence. The content was excellent with a good balance between theory and practical application. Steve was amazing; always available to answer questions, and most importantly, share his experience – that gave me a good idea of mediation and how to use it going forward. I would definitely recommend Align Mediation to anyone.”

Nuru Mohammed (Minister of Religious Affairs)


“This has been the single best training course I have ever attended in 23 years’ practice as a solicitor.  Our trainer, Steve, was outstanding with the course delivery, and administration and organisation of the course was seamless, with the emphasis on personal contact.  I’d recommend Align for anyone considering training to become a mediator.”

Andrew West (Solicitor)


“I would say that the Align Mediation training course is the best course that I have ever attended. I will certainly be letting all of my friends and colleagues know just how good the course is. I was then involved in a mediation just a few days later and we achieved a brilliant outcome – had I not done the Align Mediation course, I would not have had a clue how to handle it!”

Yvonne Hanson (HR practitioner)


“The 5 day course was very intense and requires not just a commitment to learning something new, but to reflect upon your social and emotional responses and think on your feet. The enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of our trainer, Steve, seemed infinite! He was very supportive throughout the course and it was clear he was invested in us having the skills to flourish in mediation and not simply pass an exam. I really feel I earned my positive result and rite of passage at the end of the course.”

Anna K (Community Social Worker)


“Align Mediation’s 5 day course was delivered and administered to a very high standard, providing an excellent balance between concept explanation and practice through role play. I wish I had taken this course at a much earlier stage of my career in human resource management. I thoroughly recommend the programme, especially to HR practitioners involved in dispute resolution.”

Kevin Elvidge (Independent HR practitioner)


“For health reasons, I had to retire a few months ago having spent the previous fifty years in full time veterinary practice. Coming to terms with that situation forced me to look for a new intellectual challenge and whilst researching possibilities on the internet, I came across Align Mediation. Knowing that a distance-learning option of the 5 day course was available, I signed up. The course proved to be all I had wished with the added benefit of learning a new skill at an advanced age. Being able to fit the training into my available time at home suited me well and my personal tutor, Harry, was a great support throughout and always available for help and advice. The on-line video lectures were well-structured and easy to follow. I can thoroughly recommend this distance-learning course for anyone wanting to study mediation.”

Andrew Chivers (Retired Veterinary Practitioner)


“Having researched several training providers, I chose Align to train as an accredited mediator as I was drawn by the flexibility of the course. The feedback at the end of each module was constructive and I found the course materials clear, accessible and relevant to the final assessment.”

Barbara Joyce (Registered Social Worker)  


“Training with Align Mediation was a great choice for me. 
From beginning to end their course and ongoing support offered a very professional and flexible process that helped me quickly become a certified mediator.
Courses and ongoing support is provided by experienced mediators, who are able to bring a practical and hands on approach that instils the high level of confidence essential for those new to mediation.
Unreservedly recommended.”

Les Hodgson (Accountant) Newcastle


“I have attended many training courses over the years and I rank this course amongst the best!
Why? Because the content, delivery, competence and expertise of the Align team from booking to completion is stunning.

The way they have developed, put together, and delivered the training to suit the required curriculum and the wide range of participants learning styles, is excellent.

My thanks go out to Harry and Steve for their tuition, support and guidance. I also thank my fellow participants… some great new friendships made.

If you are wishing to acquire the skills to make you an efficient, effective and competent civil/ commercial mediator, look no further than Align Mediation.”

Chirs Golbourn (Social Care Consultant) Bristol


“I recently completed the 5 day Civil and Commercial mediation course with Align. The course content and the tutor were very engaging and the mix of personalities within our group complimented the whole week. The week was absolutely the right balance of lectures and practical sessions, and the atmosphere made for a comfortable and relaxed learning space.
I feel I have developed new skills and expanded existing ones which outside of the mediation profession will be desirable to many employers. I really recommend the course and look forward to exploring my new skills.”

Lucia Davies (Commercial & Finance Manager) Hereford


“I have recently completed the Civil/Commercial Mediation Skills Course with Align Mediation. I found the course hugely interesting and informative, with someone always at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had. I particularly liked the way that the course was self-paced.
An excellent course at an excellent price compared to others. Thank you to Align Mediation for all of your help.”

J.P Dodds (School Caretaker) Oxfordshire


“I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the structure of the Align Mediation 5 day course in February 2020. As we deepened our understanding of the mediation method, the constructive feedback of our realistic role-play situations improved our performance.”

Andrew Wiseman (Property Developer) London


“I recently completed the Align civil and commercial mediation skills course, and found it to be excellent. The course content was well balanced between theory and practise, with feedback throughout in order that we could keep improving as the week went on. Steve was an excellent trainer who was clearly extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but also friendly and ensured everyone was included. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to become a mediator, or indeed those looking to learn new skills to use in their existing careers.”

Emma Stevenson (Human Resources) Cornwall


“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your trust and interest in helping me throughout your training course. It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Align from start to finish.”

Hala Shaat (Business Manager) Newcastle Upon Tyne


“I am so very grateful to Align Mediation. For the first time in my life, I actually got excited about a distance learning course!
My experience was brilliant. I am happy to have earned my certificate and more importantly, to have gained knowledge and improved my skills in mediation. My tutor, Harry, was hugely professional and I benefited a great deal from his feedback during the role play sessions. My horizon has been widened and I am looking forward to fully engaging in mediation. 
I would not hesitate in recommending Align Mediation to anyone interested in getting training in mediation.”

Anna Mbur Tasha (Diplomat) London


“I got a lot out of this course. It is built around a process that provided me with a secure framework for dealing with a challenging task. The tutoring was first rate. I did the online version, and was pushed hard by my tutor to notice what I was doing and how I could be more effective. By the time I did the final assessment I was feeling confident. More importantly, I believe I now have the basic tools to start working as a mediator.”

Fergal Roche (Executive Coach) Surrey


“A thoroughly stimulating and engaging training course offered by Align Mediation.  

The course content included lots of practical work which really helps you get a better understanding, practise and feel for how mediation would work in a true environment. 

Brilliant coaching and support throughout. Very interesting working with other course attendees from a wide range of professions, age and background.

I would highly recommend this course whether you are looking for a career change or to add to your existing skillset or even to improve your working or family life.”

Louise Leigh (Serviced Accommodation Business Owner)


“I have just successfully completed the Mediation course run by Align Mediation. 
I had spoken to three other providers one of whom was recommended by a close friend before I spoke with Harry Thomas who was one of the tutors at Align Mediation. I immediately felt a connection with him and after he had explained the process and structure of the course, I could not wait to sign up. 
I would highly recommend using Align Mediation to anyone thinking about doing the course. Not only was it value for money, but it fitted right in with my work. 
I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job and it is much appreciated so thank you Harry and Align Mediation.”

Rakiatu Hamid (Business Owner)


“As someone who had carried out mediations previously I had always wanted to become an accredited Mediator. Doing the Distance Learning course with Align Mediation during the COVID-19 lockdown completely at my own pace was perfect for me as I also had the challenges of home schooling at the time! I now have more confidence professionally and having completed all my assignments over Zoom, it has given me the confidence to start offering my mediation services remotely. I would highly recommend the Distance Learning course to anyone who is completely new to mediation or to someone like myself who has carried out mediations previously and wishes to become accredited.”

Jo-Anne Scott (HR Professional)


“The training course was facilitated at a comfortable pace, with opportunities to ask questions, participate in discussions, with learning through role play and then feedback. It was enjoyable, demanding at times, but achieved its goal very well.”

Sue Lee (Family Lawyer)


“An excellent course with a great teacher. I’ve been on a lot of courses and really didn’t think I would enjoy this course as much as I did. It was informative, clear and fun whilst learning. 
I am already using my knowledge and finding I am thinking more on how to reply in situations than I did before. Brilliant – fully recommend this course to anyone. ”

Karen Zarifeh (Business Owner)


“The Align Mediation course has something for everyone. The principles the course teaches can be used to broker agreements to multi-million dollar disputes between companies, or to sort out which programme one’s children should watch on a given evening. However, the course is very challenging as it places professional negotiators in a novel position of getting two parties in neither of which one has an interest to agree to resolve a dispute that doesn’t affect the mediator. This requires very different types of thinking.

I would recommend Align Mediation to anyone interested in learning new skills that will enhance their existing roles, or create a new one for them.”

Mike Wakefield (International Lawyer)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Align Mediation and would highly recommend it to others. Very professional, thought provoking and a good balance of theory, together with a great focus on integrating skills development into practice.”

Janine Thomas (Therapeutic Practice Manager)


“Thank you to the team at Align. I really enjoyed the course. There was a friendly and eclectic group of attendees. The role-playing examples were thought provoking and fun. I really enjoyed the psychology of negotiation and the time spent discussing that.”

Steven Ball (Barrister)


“The Align Mediation Course was one of the most enjoyable, useful and rewarding courses I have undertaken. It was a perfect blend of instruction, and practical sessions with a safe and supportive space for practice, feedback, reflection and learning.

I found Steve’s unique style of instruction, peppered with anecdotes of his own experiences of mediation, quite mesmerising. The medium of Zoom was ultra-convenient and definitely did not diminish the learning experience. I felt we bonded as a group of participants as strongly as if we were in a face to face learning environment.

Interestingly, in terms of learning outcomes, I feel the course absolutely achieves its purpose of preparing students to be effective mediators, but also more fundamentally, to be more enquiring and open as individuals, and better equipped with life skills. I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone seeking an accredited mediation qualification – it offers the very best in terms of enjoyment, learning and value for money. ”

Alison Walsh (Roome – Gifford – QPM)
Retired Chief Officer – Hertfordshire Constabulary


“I can thoroughly recommend the 5-day course.  It was a highly stimulating and enjoyable week, thanks to Steve who provided excellent tuition. The roleplay workshops were surprisingly effective, despite being remote, and the group was soon interacting with ease.”

Maggie Stobo (Chartered Surveyor and Arbitrator)


“If you are thinking of training as a Mediator, then Align’s course is the one for you. From your initial enquiry to completion of the training, Harry ensures you are well informed and well prepared prior to the expert training you receive from Steve. The whole package prepares you for a career in mediation and you make new friends along the way. Without a doubt value for money and an excellent starting point to a new career. I highly recommend Harry and his team at Align.”

Darren Singleton

Conflict and NV Communication Instructor


“A really well structured course delivered by a very knowledgeable and helpful trainer supported by an extensive range of resource materials relevant to the subject matter and ample opportunity to put learning theory into practice during the course. Highly recommended.”

Phil Raynsford


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